Highlights from the PTA Showcase!

A couple of nights ago, we were lucky enough to attend the much-anticipated PTA Showcase! There were only 100 tickets available and they sold out exceptionally fast, so we’re very pleased to have snagged a couple before they were all snatched up by other book lovers! It was such a fun, enjoyable evening and we wouldn’t have missed it for the world. We got to hear all about upcoming releases, talk to some authors, and see all of our bookish friends!

We started off the evening by making our way down to the Penguin offices in Melbourne, which is situated at the end of Collins Street and apparently uses an old brick railway station. From what we saw of the offices when we went down the lift and into the lobby before moving to a big room for the presentations, the offices looked very fancy! And we may have casually dropped our manuscripts on all the desks… Shh… Don’t tell anyone.

Upon arrival, we received a mysterious black box and a mini figure of Harry Potter. While we had all been stalking the tweets from the night before from the PTA Showcase in Sydney and so we knew what to expect, there’s nothing like being able to hold a copy of the PTA Superproof for yourself and flick through snippets of the most-anticipated releases. We could hardly contain our excitement!

Before the presentations begun, we had the opportunity to buy books and get them signed by the lovely author guests – Fleur Ferris, Shivaun Plozza and Jodi McAlister! They were all such awesome people (besides the fact that Shivaun hasn’t listened to Hamilton yet – but we might have to let that slide), and it was fantastic to get to chat to them briefly and have our books defaced – I mean, signed.Read More »