In conversation with Anna Snoekstra

On Saturday 7th of July, we were invited to be in conversation with our latest #loveozya member, Anna Snoekstra, to celebrate the launch of her debut young adult novel, Mercy Point. The launch was held at the lovely Readings Kids in Lygon Street, with plenty of gorgeous refreshments including the much loved cupcakes created by Jess from cakeandmadness.

Mercy Point was selected by you guys over on our twitter to be our July book of the month, and we couldn’t have selected a more thrilling book. It’s amazing to see so much support for our Aussie authors, so we love when they pull through and win our polls, especially since we’ve been seeing how much our bookclub members have been enjoying.

Anna was super lovely, as you would expect from a crime writing novelist. Previously, Anna has published two adult fiction novels, Only Daughter and Little Secrets, and we were lucky enough to hear her talk on a panel when were up at Clunes Booktown Fest. We’ve included the blurb of Mercy Point and a few images down below from the event!

In real life, they are enemies. Emma the know-it-all, Michael the bully, Fabian the coward, Tessie the weirdo and Sam the mystery. Online they are best friends, with one big thing in common: they are all sure they are adopted.

When they finally meet, they are horrified to find that the people they have been sharing their souls with are the people they hate. They decide to never speak again.

But avoiding each other is difficult in a small mountain town with only one high school.

It’s also tough to ignore one another when they each begin to realise that what their parents are hiding is much more sinister than just adoption.

The five teenagers have a choice to make. Continue to live a lie, or come together to hunt down the truth, no matter how dangerous that may be. Because the real story of their parentage is much more terrifying than they ever could have imagined.

It is a secret that goes to the very heart of the town itself.

From the author of the acclaimed debut novel Only Daughter comes a book about how much you’d be willing to risk to find out who you really are.

We can’t get over how stunning the cupcakes looked on the day! I mean, just LOOK at them. They’re practically breath taking, plus they tasted absolutely brilliant too.

Here’s a quick recap of some of the questions we asked and an overall run down of the event. Important questions first, YES. There is going to be a sequel. How could there not be!

We also explored some of the challenged Anna faced while writing her first young adult novel, and how it compares with the adult crime she’s published in the past. Anna mentioned that if felt a lot harder to incorporate certain themes in the novel, and really enjoyed playing with the importance of hope with in Mercy Point. 

At one stage, we discussed how Anna started writing all the different points of view with in the novel. Turns out, Anna originally tried writing six different perspectives of the same story before trying to get them to all fit in with each other. And after plenty of jigsawing, she finally found the perfect fit.

We were also giving some insight on some very exciting Mercy Point news on the day, and we think it’s worth looking out for, so keep your eyes peeled and ready to go.

Thank you once again for inviting us to take part in the launch of your debut, as well as Readings Kids for hosting us in your gorgeous book store. Copies were also provided to us by Harper Collins Australia for review.

If you’ve read Mercy Point, and live in Melbourne, don’t forget to buy tickets to our Book Meet on the 29th of July to discuss all things YA, Mercy Point and for the chance to meet Anna in the flesh. You can grab tickets here! I also vlogged the event which you can check out here, if you like.

Happy reading~



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